Not Lame!

In DC on September 24, 2007 at 5:14 am

M’ boy Joshie over at The Eagle Blog has pointed out this little ditty from the Times hailing my ol’ digs of Washing-machine, DC as an up-‘n’-coming cultural capital. As for the article, BOOO. I have not heard of nor been to half of the establishments recommended [perhaps due to fact that Johnny’s Half Shell is not fit for a working-student budget. You’d have to ask Georgetown grads about that, snickersnicker.] It also seemed pleased- a little too pleased- about gentrification all the way to New York Ave:

Similarly, after waiting decades for some of its blighted neighborhoods to amount to something other than block after block of boarded-up abandonment, Washington is buzzing with energy.

Oh, ACK. Well isn’t H St. the COOLEST, and why don’t we NOT give a mention to some of DC’s greatest nightlife assets, e.g. The Brickskeller which only has the world’s LARGEST BEER LIST. Por Favor! I mean, maybe I’m just hurt because my old haunts [the Cat, Wonderland, DC9, MUSTARD SEED FOR GOD’S SAKE] got nary a mention. Shucks!

Conclusion: The New York Times will forever try its darnedest to ensure that DC looks boring and lame. Lame!

[Props, though, NYT, for shoutin’-out Muléh. That store is unaffordably luscious.]

  1. i’m kind of surprised they didn’t even mention 9:30 club considering it has established itself as such a fixture in the d.c. club music scene. agreed on no mention of BRICKSKELLER. apparently, pink floyd and queen noor have stopped by for quickie drink!

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