New Year’s Resolve

In Uncategorized on January 2, 2008 at 11:00 pm

Oh, I think the New Year thing is So Stupid. My Cousin complained the other day about how ‘shouldn’t it be in August?’ and ‘who the fuck decided that? Probably the Romans’. This is before we ended up having a really, really fun New Year’s Eve [complete with wandering around Roxbury at 2 am searching hopelessly for a cab. Next time you are wandering around this part of town late at night and opt not to accept rides from strangers- don’t worry, we didn’t either!- hopefully a Green Cab will come beeping to your rescue and deliver you back to your ‘hood, which, incidentally, is always chock full of cabs.] Anyway, Allison and I had our usual breakfast at Twin Donuts [which, sidenote, is my FAVORITE CHEAPEST PLACE.] and while we were trying to ignore the massive hangover crowd [their loyalties are surely not like ours.] we made a list of things we are going to resolve to do. I like to make various resolutions throughout the year rather than focus on early January [because everyone is a little bitch in January anyway. If you live in a wintry climate, that is], mostly because in spite of my enormous ego I am always self-deprecating enough to think of something about me to fix [e.g. quitting smoking, losing my beer-belly, buying more shoes…], but Allison and I made a comprehensive enough list to share [and no, haters, ‘date someone who does not feel threatened or emasculated by you’ is not on it]:

  •  Eat less Chinese food [sorry, Lucky Wah]
  • After Sunday lunches at Punjab Palace, overcome food coma enough to actually go grocery shopping.
  • Hydrate more when drinking, and in general
  • Try to quit smoking, or draw up a plan for quitting
  • Find a doctor
  • Save money [from quitting smoking] for international travel
  • Read more books
  • Write poetry [Allison’s]; Write prose/blogs [Annie’s]. Establish Writing Days.
  • Befriend more girls [Annie].
  • Apply for grad programs [Annie].
  1. Befriending more girls would be easy if they weren’t so easily intimidated.

  2. Haha my New year’s Res. (which I never ever make because I always always break them within a week) is: No sex until I become a cop.

    I figure it’ll motivate me to become a cop quicker… I mean…. no sex….. A WHAT!?!

    haha okay. i’m done writing embarrassing things on the net.

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