Eternal Youth Post-February Blues Round-Up

In round-ups on March 4, 2008 at 4:26 am

I have a manifesto or two in the works but since I’m PMSing I’m refraining from anything substantive, although I’d be more than happy to discuss primary dysmenorrhea at a later date [such topics as: do I need this or what?], but I am happy to, in brief, gossip-style round-up, tell you some things that have been catching my fancy. After you click ‘Continue Reading>>’:

  • A cool project my pals involved with Allston Rock City’s DIY/hardcore scene are starting up: Boston Basement Brigade. My basement-show sensibilitied house will be hosting a show for this project on March 15th. Also on that day I will dance my tuchas off to Justice at the Paradise. This particular day might nicely, neatly sum up what my life is like outside of work and shopping.
  • Google Reader!! I am aware that I am totally behind on this trend so SORRY but I am in love and I don’t care who knows it. I love it more than I liked my LiveJournal FriendsList when I was 17 [and guys, I liked that FriendsList A LOT.]
  • All the LadyBlogz that keep me angry have covered this to death by now, and I wasn’t going to link to it, but Charlotte Allen is just too fucking douchey not to. I almost wrote her an email saying ‘I am a dumb bitch? No, YOU are a dumb bitch’ but that’s immature and continuing to be part of the problem. Oh, and you all know it, but Bitch is the new Black! I hope [sincerely- and in politics I am rarely sincere] that this horrifying Dem race is at least establishing a new[er] discourse about gender and feminine/masculine binaries in America.
  • Speaking of political issues that I am sincere about! SHIT. And for Bostonians, Harvard Hillel is doing a fantastic-looking exhibit called Breaking the Silence.
  • Awesome news in the world of academia, namely successes in the Open Access Movement. This is something that my Anthropologist comrades and I talked about A LOT around this time last year [the move towards open-access publishing is, fortunately, open to all academic disciplines] but certain events like Harvard’s move towards open-access publishing are really making it feel like it’s gaining momentum. In the midst of this glorious momentum, there are way meta things like this, which is something that, were I prepared for it a year ago [see A World Among Worlds for our undergrad disaster and success], I would have been beyond psyched to read and write about.
  • Books I have been reading. [Have you joined GoodReads yet? You’re almost a year late.]
  • JOVOVICH-HAWK FOR GO INTERNATIONAL [a caveat? The culottes gave me wicked cameltoe]! Also these disgustingly great shoes.

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