I know it’s trendy to hate Facebook

In GMail, overheard on my g-chat on April 3, 2008 at 3:47 pm

..but I fucking hate Facebook.

11:26 AM me: i really hate that ‘people you may know’ feature on facebook
11:27 AM Alex: really?
it helped me find some people
me: because it’s all people i’ve defriended
Alex: ahahahahahahahaah
me: i really hope i don’t show up in theirs
thats so disconcerting
theyll know that i found them dull and uninteresting
11:28 AM Alex: haha i’m glad my facebook profile has managed to fascinate you for so long
me: oh not their profiles, as people
they were dull and uninteresting
11:29 AM Alex: ohhh ok
11:30 AM me: anyway, it turns out that i shouldnt have defriended them because now ben dwertman has more friends than i do on facebook
11:31 AM Alex: oh man annie
in some ways we’re so alike
and in others so different


11:32 AM Allison: i got refriended by someone i defriended
bah humbug! I’m going to go play Scrabulous and check my NewsFeed to see if I made it into anyone’s “Favorite Quotes”.
[This post is dedicated to Genny, fellow facebook lover/hater, and Ben Dwertman, who I promised would not get quoted in my blog. -Ed.]
  1. “Allison: i got refriended by someone i defriended”

    This has happened to me twice. I love this post.

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