In Uncategorized on April 11, 2008 at 1:30 pm

So you know how I HATE ‘People You May Know‘? I guess Doree Shafrir hates it too!

I also recently penned this semi-desperate email to

Please, I am begging you, get rid of the “People You May Know” option, or at least make it optional for users, or make it so that users can make themselves not show up on “People You May Know”. This option is neither helpful nor enjoyable, and the bulk of peers whom I have discussed it with all agree.

They have not gotten back to me yet.

  1. oh come on annie I love this feature. it’s all people I , at one time or another, specifically did not offer or refused their offers of facebook companionship. but then I forgot about them.

    and now I get to log in and see the pictures of hilarious people I haven’t thought of in years. it’s the best!

  2. Jordan, you are absolutely wrong. ‘People You May Know’ is full of low-lifes who I’ve defriended. In fact, one of these low-lifes tried to friend me FOR A THIRD TIME due to this crappy, crappy feature.

    Also, this means that I can’t defriend people anymore, even if they are fat, ugly, and I don’t communicate with them. This sucks so hard, and I’m not even exaggerating.

    I guess I should take it to the next step and block people, but gone are the days of EZ-breezy blocking of AIM. on stupid fucking fb this shit takes an effort.

    I hate you Mark Zuckerburg.

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