Old People

In overheard on my g-chat on July 21, 2008 at 9:54 pm

Old people who say they don’t know how to use technology are stupid. Right now I am G-Chatting with my 83-year-old grandpa. He was using the internet before I was.

Edit: Or, right now I’m G-Chatting with my 12-year-old brother on our grandpa’s account. TRICKED.

5:46 PM Grandpa: Hello Annie, this is your grandpa. How’s your new apartment?
me: hi grandpa!
it is nice but we don’t move in until september!
5:47 PM Grandpa: I remember when I was your age I lived in an apartment!
me: in jamaica plain?
5:48 PM Grandpa: No in San Diego California
me: i didn’t know you lived in san diego!
5:49 PM Grandpa: Yes I lived there from age 21 to 24
5:50 PM im just kidding! this is really jonathan! 😀
Grandpa: lol out loud
Whatever. I still stand by my point that old people who don’t adapt to technology are stupid. Just like I will be stupid when I don’t let my grandchildren drive me around in their hybrid hover-cars. If cars still exist.

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