Nic-Fit 9000

In smoking on September 4, 2008 at 6:05 pm

Ok, so I have been smoke free for almost a month, thanks to the Dept. of Public Health and their free patch thing, and also thanks to the exorbitant taxes in MA. My two main gals [roommates and bffs] quit with me, which eliminated one of the most major triggers of all, since none of us were being catalysts for each other. With this said, I STILL REALLY FUCKING MISS SMOKING. Every time the scent of second-hand smoke wafts by my nose, every time I have a beer, every time I go for a walk, every time I see a hottie with a butt in hand, all I can think is that I WOULD BE AN ALL-AROUND HAPPIER PERSON IF I COULD JUST SMOKE A CIGARETTE.

Of course this is not true, it’s just that my ganglion and CNS type nicotinic receptors wondering where the hell their good friend Nicotine went. My reward pathways don’t want to be deactivated, dammit! When I say I miss smoking, I really mean that I miss all that extra dopamine.

Well, anyway, don’t you just wish you could smoke this baby panda?


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