Wolves Rising

In Uncategorized on September 9, 2008 at 3:48 pm

I don’t really like to write about politics, I just like to think about them when I am feeling masochistic [AKA often] and I only like to talk about them whilst making Daily Show style jokes but since I often think of hypothetical situations [i.e. having a pet polar bear, making friends with little bunnies, having my own talk show, &c.] at random I had to share this one.

Say, hypothetically, a McCain-Palin ticket wins. Booing in the streets, etc. Maybe I start up smoking again? Or maybe a newer, more harmful habit? DUNNO. Anyway, they win. The usual neo-con disaster ensues, we miss Laura Bush, etc. About a month or two in, ZOMG, Nation in Mourning, John CROAKS! Cindy is free! Free as a bird! Free from “cunt”-calling oldies! But! We have a new president. Her name is Sarah Palin. How historic! A lady president! Sarah Palin! Mocker of Community Organizers!

Well, Ms. Palin, good luck organizing our COMMUNITY OF THE UNITED STATES!! You just KNOW that bad things come in threes, so: McCain Wins, McCain Croaks, TERROR STRIKES!! We are like soooo f-ed, right!?

Also, if this hypothetical situation should happen, I will wager a PROLETARIAN WOLF REVOLUTION. STORMING THE CAPITAL, HOWLING AT THE MOON. I hope the wolves remember that I am a friend to them. Can anyone outdoors-y offer up why people aerially shoot wolves anyway? Aren’t wolves known to be Friends of the Ecosystem, Integral to the Circle of Life?

Also did anyone catch OH MY EFFING GOD GG last night? Blair Waldorf is my favorite dressed person in all of television and is such a glorious superbitch who I relate to in a really disturbing way.

  1. Haha the last two paragraphs of this spiral into awesomeness. Also, saw GG and was inspired to start watching the first season from the beginning. Always amazed how much is packed into a single episode.

  2. Josh beat me to everything I wanted to say.

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