“Conservative Friends”

In language on September 18, 2008 at 7:47 pm

You know how sometimes really pig-headed racists and homophobes will try to disqualify their own assumptions by that Famous Statement, “I have black friends, but-” or “I have gay friends, but-“. Well, as a student of anthropology one of the first things I was taught was to be really self-reflective about my varying cultural assumptions and to acknowledge them rather than trying to defend them or ignore them. White privilege is one of the more obvious: I am a product of white privilege, though it may guilt me to address this fact. So, since we’re all products of this-‘n’-that, of somebody else’s oppression or somebody else’s privilege, I am going to come clean and tell you a few qualifiers that I sometimes have used.

-“I have Conservative Friends!” Yeah, like two. And I don’t think they even self-identify as conservative anymore! Well, one does, but she also likes abortion and gay marriage, SO. I guess she’s one of those classic “Fiscal Conservatives” or something.

-“I have a friend who is in a frat!” Do I? Doubt it. I crashed a frat party like six months ago. Does that count? Everyone was at least two years younger than me.

-“I have rich friends who are also nice!” uh, or FRENEMIES.

-“My best friend is gay!” Have I used this one? I don’t remember. Well, she is.


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