An Open Complaint to [Institution Redacted]

In Boston, harvard, notes from the white collar ghetto, recession, Uncategorized on December 19, 2008 at 2:57 pm

Here is a letter that I submitted on some online form regarding the current financial crisis and [the Institution with which I am currently employed- an Institution that was fool enough to play chicken with its huge endowment, Might I Add].

Your question or concern (optional) It is wonderful to see the [Institution Redacted] campus coming together to implement such creative cost-effective measures. For example, my department has foregone the traditional holiday party and instead opted for a delicious potluck lunch. I do find it to be quite the irony, then, that last evening (Thursday, December 18th), I was exiting my office in [Building Redacted] when I encountered an elaborate set-up for a soiree given by and presumably paid for, by the [Institution Redacted] (though I did not see any fellow staff members in attendance).

Your cost-savings tip (optional) I propose that, perhaps instead of hovering over well-meaning Department heads with the threat of vast and looming budget cuts, the Dean and his associates opt out of planning private, extravagant, and arguably unnecessary events. If the [Institution Redacted] is really concerned with reassuring its staff in the wake of financial uncertainty, perhaps it is not the wisest PR move to rub the proverbial salt in the wound by flaunting excess.

Auto Bailout, Madoff, blah blah blarg. Not to get all Marxy on your white-collar asses, but we won’t stand for this much longer… or will we?


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