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R. Kelly Watch: April 25th

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R. Kelly has a new vid for ‘Hair Braider’

This concludes the April 25th edition of R. Kelly Watch.


R. Kelly Watch: April 21st

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Mariah Carey was my first diva-crush. [Can one help it when one is 10 years old and witnessing her father can-can around gleefully to ‘All I Want for Christmas’? Nay, one cannot!]

When Robert “Real Talk” Kelly sang ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ in Space Jam, my eyes watered. [Okay, I cried. But only because I was so happy those Looney Toons beat the monsters! Also, the Bugs ‘n’ Daffy Rap!]

So, it’s no surprise that, to this day, public freakouts and peeing on minors aside, these two are very high ranking in my Pantheon of Pop.

So, when the Party Pit’s Jenny Z. suggested the idea of a Mariah/R. duet [in the wake of Mariah’s new MAMAMAZING single Touch My Body] my first knee-jerk instinct was to do what every self-respecting social activist does: Start a Facebook Group!! I know that only 66 other Facebook users besides me currently feel as passionately as I about a collaboration between these two Masters of Pop and the Postmodern Condition [manifesto forthcoming!!], but given that the two considered a duet for Emancipation of Mimi, I have mustered up the little optimism for the world that I have left and channeled it in hopes of hearing the two, together at last.

Well, this is not a duet, but it still brought tears to my eyes. Please enjoy responsibly. Or, irresponsibly.

[Mariah Carey featuring R. Kelly – Touch My Body (Remix)]

[RELATED: R’s Upcoming Single KISS YOUR CANDY. In a word, Majestic.]

This concludes the April 21st Edition of R. Kelly Watch.

This Weekend: Four

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Eternally Youthful Recommendation:

In eternally youthful recommendations, muzak on March 27, 2008 at 6:16 pm

Fun Nu Internet-majig [AKA: more reasons to dick around on the Job!!]:

Basically, you get to upload up to ten songs [can rotate! will rotate!] to share with all y’all friends.

Here is Mine. Currently the server is overloaded [probs ’cause everyone’s so psyched to not make tapes] but it should be back up by 9 pm tonight. Generally, a lot easier than maintaining a music blog [I am Lazy.]

Accidents & Emergencies

In muzak on October 5, 2007 at 5:37 am

 I just had the delight of seeing the invincible Mr. Patrick Wolf at the Paradise. Not only does he have an impeccable sense of style (vests, cut-off shorts, and massive cross necklaces? Yes, please!!) and the capacity to bring back body glitter for the masses, but I have not seen such a well-done performance in a Very Long Time. In the past few years I’ve personally felt a sort of steady decline when it comes to live performances, seeing many an artist turn out tired, cookie-cutter performances, so Patsy was refreshing both in his performance quality and his sincerity. He knows how to be a performer, clearly, but he is also not just a crowd-pleaser, evidenced in his playing a healthy number of choruses from Lycanthropy (rather than just The New Stuff, which is still awesome, but, you know). Additionally, my DC sources inform me that he didn’t even perform hit single Magic Position, although he opened his encore with it for this particular show and it was truly a delight to see and hear. Basically, Wolf seems to be a performer who has still maintained his integrity, and this is really wonderful and nice. I am also so pleased with his Peter Pan-esque persona; it’s just perfect. The Paradise was a great venue as well, and was surprisingly not crowded, so even latecomers had a good view. And, until he ACTUALLY comes out and says it, I will refuse to believe that he is gay [despite all other indicators] just in the hopes that we are, perhaps, Eternally Youthful Soulmates.



P Wolf



Image via my pal Nestor, who took these photos for

Notes on the [Balinese] Cockfight

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This is my favorite new group, Bonde Do Role [I’ve already choreographed a dance or two, true story!] They’re Brazilian [and we all know Brazil-is-the-new-France-is-the-new-Australia-is-the-new-Canada when it comes to muzak.]

Bonde Do Role on MySpace