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What’s worse: graduation, or the year after?

In malaise, overheard on my g-chat, useless degrees on May 25, 2008 at 5:05 pm
12:50 PM me: on a scale of1 to 10, how pathetic is your life if you eat stale peeps [from easter] ?
12:52 PM Rachel: -5
some ppl say they taste better stale
think of it as a delicacy
12:53 PM me: like those hundred-year-eggs that are all the rage in china!
12:54 PM Rachel: YEAH
its kind of like, welcome to high class
So in college you eat stale pizza from out of the garbage, or maybe stale chicken wings that have been left out all day [true stories, both.] and a year after your illustrious graduation wherein you were going to Change The World And Simultaneously Find Thine Self Abroad, you are clearing your impossibly messy [seriously: how do I let this happen?] room of its empty beer bottles and cigarette cartons whilst contemplating your gainful unemployment and ways to make money beyond stimulus packages [oh yeah, your roommate still owes you money from four months ago!!] and eating stale peeps from Easter.
We lead a charmed life, don’t we?

Notes from the white-collar ghetto, Pt. 1

In notes from the white collar ghetto, overheard on my g-chat, useless degrees on February 26, 2008 at 7:38 pm
9:27 AM Genny: HAHAHAHA
me: it is retarded how much beer i drink
Genny: It definitely is. I feel like I weenie college student but whatever
Genny: LOL
9:28 AM how many drinks did you have last night?
me: its because we’re ambitious young scholars who somehow got caught in a white collar ghetto
Genny: i mean, i don’t know about you but i work for the weekend. pathetic
me: oh ive been ultra lghtweighty because ive been sick but probably 4 or 5 beerz
Genny: a white collar ghetto
me: enough to blur vision and for me to raise my decibel level to a very unladylike proportion
9:29 AM and absolutely i work for the weekend but most weeks i am drinking beerz by wednesday night, at least
9:30 AM Genny: yeah, i stopped counting my beers.
i drank for 5 hours
by 6
me: the day of the week that i start drinking is inversely proportional to how hungover I got the prior weekend.
we should write a blog post about this


In Boston, harvard, moping, Uncategorized, unemployment, useless degrees on September 11, 2007 at 12:58 am

Waiting for employment is getting on my last nerve.

I have a job interview Tomorrow, my Day o’ Birth, at the illustrious Harvard Medical School, after three rejections from the Institution, including two entry-level-academic dream-jobs. [of course my resume is sparse, I JUST GRADUATED! I wish they could interview me and then see just how charming and capable I am.] However, I’ve been told by several Hahvahd insiders that the most viable way to land a job is to temp for some months so the fact that I actually have an interview is pleasing. Generally, though, I’m stumped as to why I want to work at Harvard in the first place. I’d be just as content working a stupid service-industry job, only with “the Real World” [a term I resent; since I’ve been living on my own means for OH ONLY TWO YEARS NOW] comes “Real Concerns”, e.g. a graduate-level degree, health insurance, TUITION REMISSION [glorious!!]. To be honest, guys, I’d be happy if I just got paid to be a blogger or a researcher but I GUESS I SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF THAT BEFORE I GOT A FUCKING DEGREE IN ANTHROPOLOGY.

Anyway, in theory, Boston is great, it’s just that the combination of unemployment, 9/11 Birthdays [UGH!], cold weather [already?] and no viable crushes [no different from Washington, DC, really!!] is taking it’s toll on my Sunny-as-Fuck Attitude [not to mention being at the Bottom of the Social Chain ALL OVER AGAIN. I’m not popular anymore! this is terrible!]. Sometime when I’m in a better mood I’ll write a cast list of the inimitable characters who hang out on my Allston porch on any given night, but instead I am going to fret about what to wear tomorrow and try real hard not to chainsmoke.