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Inoculate yourself!

In burritos, food on March 27, 2008 at 4:23 pm

I’ve been stricken by the Great Burrito Epidemic of 2008. What does this mean, exactly? Oh, just that my burrito count is at an all-time high [comparable, even, to the two years I spent living next door to the Tenleytown Chipotle], culminating in the following stats:

Saturday: 1, Burritos on Fire

Monday: 1, Boloco

Tuesday: 1, El Pelon

Wednesday: 2, Burritos on Fire & Boloco

Thursday: 1, Boloco

And counting!!!

Unfortunately, the only known vaccines to this heartburning, gut-twisting, bowel-moving disease are:

a] not liking burritos

b] being allergic to delicious foods

c] AKA being a Capital-L Double-O Zed Er L00ZER

d] eating a burrito to sate your cravin’. Side effects may include a full belly and the delicious sting of Tapatio on your lips, as well as laziness and bowel movements.

Thank you.